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Copie de MSSG2024_edited.png

We are pleased to inform you the international Metabolic Surgery Study Group (MSSG) is organizing the annual meeting on November 15 and 16, 2024 in Lyon (Hotel de Région Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, 1 esplanade François Mitterrand 69002 Lyon).

This international event bringing together the best experts carried out under the aegis of the French Association for Study and Research on Obesity (AFERO) and SOciété Française et Francophone de Chirurgie de l'Obésité et des Maladies Métaboliques (SOFFCO.MM) should bring together nearly 200 participants : Nutritionists, diabetologists, surgeons, researchers in obesity treatment.

This event the following objectives :

1.Promote an ongoing dialogue between nutritionists, diabetologists, surgeons and gastroenterologists/endoscopists regarding metabolic surgery in order to integrate the clinical and research expertise of these different disciplines,

2.Encourage scientific collaboration between clinicians and researchers in basic sciences and facilitate translational mechanistic studies to deepen our knowledge of inter-organ dialogue: the intestine, the liver, pancreas and central nervous system,

3.Establish an international network of interested researchers and enhance their competitiveness for research grant applications (i.e. to the European Commission, research foundations and charities and/or pharmaceutical companies and device manufacturers).

4.Organize training courses on metabolic surgery and minimally invasive endoscopic surgery integrated with clinical diabetes and nutritional support.


Counting strongly on your presence, please receive our cordial greetings.

The MSSG Organizing Commitee

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